1917 - 18. Photographs

Combined Underway Road, Bridge and Culvert

87 miles, 77 chains

Riverton-Spalding Line

17a Long Plains Station

Present Terminus Salisbury, Port Augusta Line 

47 miles from Adelaide

17b Clare Station Building

Riverton-Spalding Line

17c Clare Station Yard

Riverton-Spalding Line

Mount Gambier, Station Buildings17e Mount Gambier, Station Yard17f Sleeps Hill Tunnel (Northern Portal)

7  miles from Adelaide, South Line

17g Sleeps Hill Tunnel (South Line)

7  miles from Adelaide

lining of tunnel incomplete

First-class Carriage, 3ft6in Gauge

East-West Express

Seats 32 passengers

17i Second-class Carriage, 3ft6in Gauge

East-West Express

Seats 44 passengers

17j Viaducts and South End, Sleeps Hill Tunnel

Viaducts abandoned on completion of tunnel

17k Reinforced concrete bridge over Reedy Creek

Monarto-Sedan Railway