1918 - 19. Photographs

Last train over the viaducts, South Line

April 16th, 1919

18a Oakbank Station, 

Balhannah, Mount Pleasant Railway

30 miles, 1 chain from Adelaide

18b Sleeps Hill Tunnel - South Portal

8 miles from Adelaide

18c Bridge over River Broughton

During construction, Riverton - Spalding

113 miles, 39 chains from Adelaide

Balyarta Station, South Line

41 ½ miles from Adelaide

18e Express Passenger Locomotive - Class S

Extended smokebox, 5ft3in Gauge

Cylinder 1ft6in diameter x 2ft stoke, Diameter of coupled wheels 6ft6in

Working pressure 150psi

Capacity of tender 5 tons coal and 4,000 gallons of water

Total weight in working order 83 tons

18f Reinforced concrete bridge over Millendella Creek

Monarto-Sedan Railway

76 miles 51 chains from Adelaide

18g Goods Wagon - Class Yy - 5ft3in Gauge

Length over buffers 22ft9¼in, Load 16 tons

Average tare 7 tons, 5 cwt

Goods Wagon - Class Y - 3ft6in Gauge

Length over buffers 17ft9in, Load 12 tons

Average tare 5 tons, 5 cwt

18i Scott's Creek Bridge - South Line

40 ½ miles from Adelaide