1924 - 25. Photographs

Box Car 5ft3in Gauge

Load 30 tons, tare 18 tons

Length inside 35ft 9 5/8in, width inside 8ft6½in

Total wheel base 29ft9in, Bogie wheel base 5ft9in

24a Caboose Car 5ft3in Gauge

Fitted with guard's lookout and brake compartment in centre,

One end fitted with cooking stove, 4 food lockers, table and seats,

Writing desk with letter rack above.The other end is fitted with

4 wire mattresses providing accommodation for train staff.  

Length over buffers 37ft9¼in, Length over body 30ft

Width over body 8ft9in, Total wheel base 25ft9in

24b Steel Rail Motor Car - Petrol driver 5ft3in Gauge

Length over body 42ft6in, Width over body 8ft4in

Fitted with baggage compartment.  Seating capacity 46.

24c Officer's Inspection Car - Petrol driven

5ft3in and 3ft6in gauge

Fitted with special wheels to run on rails

'Morris' One Ton Motor Deliver Van

Four cylinder engine of 14/28 b.h.p.

Fitted with 33in by 5in pneumatic tyres

Metropolitan Parcels Delivery Service

24e 'Thornycroft' 3 ½ ton Freight truck

Four cylinder engine of 35 h.p. 

Fitted with solid rubber tyres, dual wheels at rear

Metropolitan Delivery Service

24f 'Fageol' Motor Coach to seat 29 passengers

Six cylinder Hall-Scott engine of 43.3 h.p.

Fitted with 36in by 6in pneumatic tyres, dual wheels at rear

Adelaide-Victor Harbor Service

24g White Motor Coach to seat 22 passengers

Four cylinder engine of 30/45 h.p.

Fitted with 36in by 6in pneumatic tyres, dual wheels at rear

Adelaide-Victor Harbor Service

'Reo' Sedan Coach to seat 17 passengers

Six cylinder engine of 24.2 h.p. 

Fitted with 32in by 6in pneumatic tyres, dual wheels at rear

24i Murray Bridge, showing two 185ft spans

in course of erection over River.

The 240ft span referred to above not yet on site

24j Mile End - New coaling plant for Locomotives

300 tons capacity

24k Peterborough - showing car repairing Yard and shop 24l
Islington Works

New repair Yard for Freight Cars.

24m The first 'Pacific' type of engine - 5ft3in Gauge

Approaching completion in the Works of

Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ltd, England