1926 - 27. Photographs

Adelaide Station - South and South-eastern Elevation.27a Adelaide Station- - East Elevation27b Adelaide Station - North Elevation27c Adelaide Station - West Elevation27d
Adelaide Station - Waiting Hall27e Adelaide Station - Concourse (from North end)27f Adelaide Station - Dining Room27g Adelaide Station - Quick Lunch Café27h
Adelaide Station - Portion of Kitchen27i Adelaide Station - Ideal Water Heaters27j Adelaide Station - Refrigerating Plant27k Adelaide Station - As existing in 1925, showing North-eastern Entrance27l
Adelaide Station - As existing in 1925, showing North Terrace Frontage27m Gladstone - New Station and Refreshment Rooms27n Islington Works - Aeroplane View27o Islington Workshops - One of the two Mess, Washing, and Locker Rooms provided for Employees - accommodation for 2,056 men27p
Islington Workshops - Assembly Bay of Steel Car Erecting Shop showing Gondola Cars under construction. Output, Six Cars per Week27q Islington Workshops - General View of Locomotive Erecting Shop27r Islington Workshops - Structural Steel section of Steel Car Machine Shop with Plate Section adjoining. Each Bay is 300 ft. long by 50 ft. wide and is equipped with two 35-ton Rope-Driven Cranes27s Islington Workshops - North End of Heavy Machine Shop27t
Islington Workshops - Interior of Iron Foundry27u All-Steel Pullman Dining Car 'Adelaide' in service on the Adelaide and Melbourne Express27v Dining Saloon of All-Steel Pullman Dining Car 'Adelaide'27w Kitchen of All-Steel Pullman Dining Car 'Adelaide'27x
All-Steel Pullman Compartment Sleeping Car 'Mount Lofty' in service on the Adelaide and Melbourne Express - 20 sleeping Berths27y Melbourne Express - Load - 6 Sleeping Cars, 1 First Class Car, 2 Second Class Cars, and Brakevan - 400 tons. Hauled by 'Mountain' Type Locomotive (500 Class), Weight 218 tons 13 cwts.27z