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If you are interested in having photo's of your models or layouts on the Net for all to see please read on.

Many people have models that they are very proud of, but for security reasons feel that they can't share their creations with others. This is especially true with outside layouts due to theft. Would you like the opportunity to share what you have made with the rest of the world through photographs on the Net totally FREE of charge.

If you are interested in sharing your South Australian or Australian rail creations and have scanned photo's or digital photo's of your creations and yourself if you want. You can send them to Community@Inprotrans.com with brief descriptions of the photo's (20 words or less) and some information on what you wish to have as your name and location - if you don't want real names you can pick a nick name and general location (e.g.:south of Adelaide)

If you don't have access to digital image equipment you can send prints to:


320 Churchill Road

Kilburn, South Australia


I will happily scan you photo's for you and put them on the Net. This service is totally FREE and I will donate the time to set it up because I think that the incredible effort that goes into these models deserves to be shared with the world. As postage is expensive I am unable to return any prints that you send, so if you can make second prints it would be appreciated. If you can't arrange prints that you don't need back I will keep all prints for one year if you want to collect them in your travels.

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