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Inprotrans Pty Ltd no longer has any licence to provide drawings on behalf of any Authority. All enquiries for drawing copies or rail research material can be directed to

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Phone: 08 7225 8516

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Note: Drawing Index Page added (20/10/2009)

These are some of the items we have had on eBay for sale.

400 Class Garratt Book Showing Thumbnails

720 Class Locomotive Book Showing Thumbnails

Commonwealth Railways 'C' Class Steam Locomotive (also NSW C36 class) Book Showing Thumbnails


Framed SAR Railway photo print at Semaphore SA

SAR Railway photo 500 class Steam Loco at Sleep's Hill

  Framed photo of STA 300 Class Railcar at Salisbury SA

SAR Railway photo last day Mt Pleasant Railway Station


Framed SAR Railway photo 720B class Loco at Mt Lofty SA

SAR Railway photo 720 class Steam Loco at Mt Lofty






Types of drawings:

Rollingstock outlines

Curve and Gradient

Wagon and Locomotive

Station Yard Plans

Plan and Sections






System Map SAR 1951

System Map Australian National

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